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A little about what we do... at Fridge And Power we offer mobile refrigeration products and advice directly to individuals and businesses who want to buy in small or large quantities.

The brands supported are considered top of the line and provide excellent value for money. We are steadily adding more portable fridge freezer and power products that are ideal for anyone on the road including commercial travellers, campers, caravanners, machine operators, miners - just about anyone who travels anywhere.

The extensive range of camping fridges cater to enthusiasts that love the great Australian outdoors. You'll find portable fridges from a flyweight 11 litres to the jumbo sized 106 litres capacity that include energy saving electronics and the latest efficiency ratings. These include the famous Coolfreeze name that has been proven around Australia time and time again.

Get the most out of your Waeco portable fridge at the beach, on the road or at workDollar for dollar, using compact mobile refrigeration impacts our life styles in a positive way. Who would have thought 15 years ago we would be taking a fridge on a picnic or out shopping to keep those cold foods chilled for the run home.

As an example, the CF-18 car fridge is just at home at the weekend picnic as it is on the worksite. Truly portable but a heavy weight in terms of performance, this little appliance keeps your food and drinks cold to 50 degrees below outside temerature.

Portable Fridges, Car Coolers & Power Products

The BCDC-1206 can deliver sufficient current to charge a battery that also has a typical, DC compressor-type camping fridge connected Redarc Battery Charger BCDC1206 - 10 ...

CODE: Smart Start BCDC

Price: $280.00

Small photo of CR80 Waeco CR-1080 Caravan Fridge 79 Litre

CODE: CR-1080

Price: $1,269.00

External view showing the overall capacity Waeco Portable Fridge CDF-11


Price: $467.00

Dometic 3 way fridge rc1180 small pic Dometic 3 Way Fridge RC1180

CODE: RC1180

Price: $1,189.00

12 Volt Portable Folding Solar Panel ...


Price: $329.00

Redarc BMS1215S2 Smart Start

CODE: Smart Start BMS1215

Price: $1,189.00


Helpful Portable Fridge Info

There are 4 different types of portable fridges: Thermoelectric, Compressor, Absorbtion and Eutectic. At this stage we sell and support the first three. The type you select will depend on what the fridge will be used for.

If you only want to run the portable fridge on mains power or from the vehicle battery the choices are compressor or thermoelectric. Most Waeco Coolfreeze compressor models (except the CF-18 and CF-25) and Coolpro thermoelectric fridges run off 12, 24 and 240 volts whereas the Bordbar thermo-electrics operate on 12 volts only. If you want to run a camping fridge on gas then an absorbtion type is needed.

Size is a consideration. The fridge needs room in the car with a small space around it for ventilation, so ultimately size might depend on how big your vehicle is. Internal fridge volumes vary from 8 litres up to 106 litres in portable fridges and 3 way fridges. Therefore it's generally a trade off between how much capacity you want, vehicle storage space and fridge weight.

What about the power source. For compressor and thermoelectric car fridges you're relying on the battery capacity of the car. They key is to consider how much power the fridge will draw from batteries, what the total battery capacity is and how long it will keep your goodies cold. Thermo's use a reasonable amount of power and don't cool as low as a compressor portable fridge so these are more suitable for short term trips like picnics, sports events, beach etc.

Absorbtion fridges are more commonly know as 3 way fridges. These are a great option for the serious camper where mains,12 or 24 volt power is not an option. The 3 way fridge doesn't have a motor but works on the heating and cooling effect of an ammonia solution to keep food and drink cold. While traveling, run the fridge on 12 or 24 volts then switch to gas when you arrive at your destination. These units are very efficient on gas and are excellent for camping or work for extended periods in remote locations.

GuaranteeAll products are covered by a genuine manufacturers warranty plus our absolute 30 day no fuss Guarantee. If for whatever reason you're not satisfied with your purchase we will return the cost of the item, as stated in our customer care policy.

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