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About Us is a division of the family run PDM Group. The idea of creating a site to cater for people wanting portable power systems & refrigeration was Peter Montague's after realizing just how passionate our family is about traveling with those creature comforts that have made such a profound difference to our trips.

The need for 12 volt gear and portable fridges is becoming so ubiquitous you see them everywhere but there are still many who don't realise the benefits of these great devices. Who would have thought 10 years ago that you'd be using a fridge on a shopping trip or at a picnic... Science has given us many great innovations but the invention of the refrigerator is truly one of the best!

PDM Group has been around since 2003. The company has been involved in importing, distributing and servicing multiple product lines for Australian and overseas customers. The expansion into this specialist arena originated from a lifestyle decision tempered with solid business opportunity.

We strive to help everyone get the right product for their requirements. Our help doesn't stop with the sale either. Fridge And Power's expert customer service staff is available to handle your questions and concerns on how to get the best out of your portable fridge, solar system or power product.

Our most precious asset is our VALUES. This embraces thoroughness and professionalism in everthing we do, intellectual honesty with our clients and each other, pride in what we do tempered by unrelenting discontent with our shortcomings. You won't find any superficiality here, just honest answers and the right advice.

We hope you enjoy browsing our catalog, looking over a complete range of portable fridges, solar & power accessories and we look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

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