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Giant Power design products to handle the temperature extremes of Australia’s outback. This local Australian company provides a range of portable fridge/freezers that are an affordable, quality option for you and your family. Coupled with that is a rock solid range of solar panels, batteries and off-grid systems to power all your outdoor activities.

We've been supporting Waeco since 2009 and have found their products to be very reliable. Backed up by a network of service agents across Australia. Waeco offers the ultimate in cooling performance to accommodate the harsh Australian climate and rugged outback terrain. Now owned by Dometic, Waeco has a large range of portable fridges and other products to suit everyone from campers & caravaners, boaties, fisherman, outdoor workers to food transport professionals and more.

CTEK manufactures battery chargers and accessories using cutting-edge Swedish technology. CTEK battery chargers are for all types of lead-acid batteries, that cater to a miriad of users. The reasons we recommend CTEK products - they are safe, high quality and you can count on many years of reliable service. We believe charging batteries with the right charger saves you money and saves the environment by ensuring your battery lasts 2 to 3 times longer.

Redarc is a South Australian manufacturer who build tough products specially designed for Australia's harsh conditons. Redarc’s products can be installed in any vehicle that uses battery power including cars, boats, rail, trucks, buses, emergency vehicles and mining equipment. They are designed to save you money by reducing installation time and extending battery life.

We reckon Dometic has the best range of portable 3 way fridges on the market. They also offer a diverse range of upright fridges to suit caravans and motorhomes. These are available in various configurations to run on gas, 12 volts and 240 volt mains power.