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The CoolFreeze camping fridge / freezer range are compressor fridges and operate on 12/24 volts with most models having 240 volt capability built-in. For the two models (CF18 & CF25) without 240V input, Waeco accessories make it optional for complete freedom and mobility. Available in sizes from 10 to 106 litres, the CoolFreeze fridge/freezers are the champions of the league.

Coolfreeze campimg fridges provide impressive cooling performance in sweltering outback conditions to keep your food and drinks cold. Most models utilise the world leading Danfos BDF compressors, which are incredibly efficient in 12 volt operation, so these fridges are ideal for solar operation.

CF camping fridge / freezers from CF35 to CF110 come with CF special electronics which include 3 stage battery protection, memory function and auto turbo cooling. The soft touch operating panel displays temperature readout, battery protection status and interior temperature.

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Waeco Portable Fridge CDF-11


List price: $529.00

Price: $467.00

You save: $62.00
With a 10.5 litre capacity the Waeco CDF-11 portable fridge is the smallest fridge freezer available anywhere. This little beauty is a  compressor fridge - that means it will freeze down to -18 degrees if need be. There's a small dairy section for storing fruit or food...[more]

Waeco Portable Fridge CF-18


Price: $607.00

Capacity 18 litres. The CF-18 portable fridge is the featherweight in the Waeco Coolfreeze compressor fridge range. At just under 12 kilos it's a breeze to carry around but surprisingly roomy inside with a capacity for 27 cans of drink. The sturdy carry handle folds...[more]

Waeco CF-25 Portable Fridge


Price: $698.00

Capacity 23 litres. The CF-25 VERA portable fridge is the flyweight in the Waeco Coolfreeze compressor fridge range. Bigger than the CF-18, the 23 litre internal capacity makes this a sensational unit that has a compact shape and is comfortable to handle. At 12...[more]

Waeco CFX35 Fridge/Freezer - 34.5 Litre


Price: $979.00

Capacity: 34.5 litres. The new CFX35 fridge is larger inside than the older CF35 model. You can store 32 cans comfortably in the drop-in basket.  Plenty of room for food and drinks in the fridge/freezer and dairy compartment. The controls are easy to use and...[more]

Waeco CFX40 Fridge/Freezer - 41 Litre


Price: $1,149.00

The Waeco CFX40 fridge/freezer is larger inside than the older CF40AC model. A comfortable 41 litre capacity offers plenty of room for food and drinks in the main compartment. A separate dairy compartment is also provided. The older Waeco CF40AC earned the "Best Compact...[more]

Waeco CFX50 Fridge/Freezer - 50 Litre


Price: $1,129.00

The Waeco CFX50 fridge/freezer replaces the previous CF50AC model. Generous 50 litre internal capacity is enough room for everyday travel, camping and boating use. 4 Point M6 Nutserts in the base allow for easy semi permanet mounting without extra fittings.  ...[more]

Waeco CFX65 Fridge/Freezer - 65 Litre


Price: $1,329.00

New Waeco CFX65 fridge/freezer offers plenty of room for food and drinks with it's 65 litre capacity. Excellent cooling performance and tough no nonsense design make this an ideal companion when 4WDriving, camping and fishing. New features: - 4 Point M6 Nutserts in the...[more]

Waeco CFX65DZ Fridge/Freezer - 65 Litre Dual Zone


Price: $1,379.00

The Waeco CFX65DZ offers both 42 litre fridge and 19 litre freezer capacities that function at the same time. Excellent cooling performance and tough no nonsense design make this an ideal companion when 4WDriving, camping and fishing. New features: - Separate lid with...[more]

Waeco Portable Fridge CDF-35 Pack

CODE: CDF-35 Pack

List price: $749.00

Price: $637.00

You save: $112.00
Capacity: 31 litres. The CDF-35 Pack includes a Waeco 31 litre portable fridge, insulating protective cover and  240 volt AC adaptor.  This fridge/freezer pack is compact, light weight and practical to fit just about anywhere in the car, truck, motorhome or boat....[more]

Waeco Portable Fridge CF-50AC


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Capacity 49 litres. The CF50 portable fridge is the true workhorse of the Waeco range. This fridge is ideal for weekend escapes and adventures in our great Australian outdoors. You need good reliable refrigeration and this unit makes an ideal camping fridge so you...[more]

Waeco CF-80AC Portable Fridge


Price: $1,359.00

80 Litre portable fridge from Waeco has separate refrigerator (41lr), freezer (27lr) and dairy (8lr) compartments. You get all the comforts and convenience of your household fridge/freezer in your family's vehicle, or whilst camping or fishing. The huge CoolFreeze CF-80...[more]

Waeco Portable Fridge CF-110AC

CODE: CF-110

Price: $1,535.00

Capacity 106 litres. The CF-110AC portable fridge is the big daddy of the Waeco CF series. The generous capacity makes it perfect for long trips, transporting food and large family gatherings. As with other CF models it delivers performance cooling or deep freezing....[more]

Dometic 3 Way Fridge RC1180

CODE: RC1180

List price: $1,299.00

Price: $1,189.00

You save: $110.00
The Dometic 3 way fridge freezer has a 30 litre fridge and 16 litre freezer which can be converted to a 50 litre fridge by removing the internal divider. A great companion for camping and remote work or even just a day out, the Chescold RC1180 is as tough as nails and will...[more]

Dometic 3 Way Fridge F400

CODE: F400

Price: $929.00

The Chescold 3 way fridge freezer includes a high performance cooling unit ideal for the tropics. Combined with a moulded cabinet and hermetically sealed lid, this Dometic F400 model is perfect for Australian conditions. Use as a fridge or freezer in any mode - 240 volts,...[more]

Waeco 3 Way Fridge CA-35


Price: $359.00

This 35 litre 3 way fridge is a great companion for camping and remote work. It chills very quickly due to highly efficient insulation and a tight rubber seal between the lid and fridge body. Designed for use with 240 volts, 12 volts and gas, the CA35 will cool down to...[more]