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Giant Power 800W 12V Integrated Power System

Brand: Giant Power

This item is no longer available


Short description:

For caravaners! 800 watts of continuous pure sine wave power, plus capability for battery charging from solar, generator and 240VAC - all in one unit.


The 800 watt Giant Power IPS is ideal for providing 12 volt portable power to caravans and motorhomes. It is also a designed for offgrid power setups in remote locations.  This is the ultimate all-in-one unit for managing solar and battery systems. The IPS combines the functionality of a solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter and multi-stage AC battery charger into one central unit.

Compared to other systems put together using numereous devices, messy cabling plus the the expertise the IPS is the most ecomical unit on the market.

50A PWM Solar Charge Controller

Connect your solar cabling or solar panels directly into your IPS, then sit back and relax while it controls the solar voltage and ensures it is converted to a safe level for your batteries..

800W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Convert your DC power from batteries and solar to 240V AC, and run your mains power appliances. Pure Sine Wave ensures that sensitive electronics can be safely run without risk of damage.
20A Multi-Stage Battery Charger Not getting enough solar to keep your batteries full? Not a problem with the built in multi-stage AC battery charger. Connect to an alternate power source and the smart charger will top up your batteries and keep them happily on float.
Auto-Start Generator Functionality Simply connect a suitable generator, set up when you want it to engage, and leave the rest up to the IPS. If your batteries are getting too low or your inverter is being overloaded, your generator will automatically kick in to supply the extra power, and switch off again when it's no longer needed.
Integrate with Mains Power For additional versatility, your system can be wired to use 240V mains AC as an alternative power supply. Ideal for portable applications where you might not always have access to mains, you can even set the system to automatically prioritise a certain power source.
LCD Control Panel Keep track of how your system is running at a glance, with key data such as battery level, how much your solar is producing, and overall system status. Customise the display to show your preferred system measurements using the navigation buttons.
Data Recording & System Configuration Software Want a closer look at how your system is performing? With the included monitoring software installed onto a laptop or computer, all you need to do is connect via USB for a detailed view of specifications, data, and system configuration. Almost every aspect of the system is configurable, from power source priorities to automatic system alert messages. Compatible with Windows and Linux.

Key Features

  • Compatible with AGM, Gel and SLA Batteries
  • Adjustable charge voltage and current
  • 2x inverter surge capacity (5s)
  • Overload, temperature and short circuit protection
  • Light weight high frequency transformer
  • Low standby current
  • Cold start function
  • Wall mountable


General Electrical
Nominal DC Voltage 12V
Peak Efficiency >95% (Line mode with AC input)
>91% (Inverter mode)
Transfer Time <10ms (UPS mode)
<20ms (Appliance mode)
No Load Power Consumption <15W
Power Saving Consumption <5W
Continuous Output 0.8KW
Surge Rating 1.6KW (5 seconds max)
Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Output Voltage 230VAC +/- 5%
Output Regulation < 3% RMS for battery voltage range
Output Short Circuit Circuit Breaker
AC Battery Charger
Charging Mode 3-stage
Boost Voltage 14.6V (Flooded)
14.1V (MF)
Float Voltage 13.5V (Flooded)
13.5V (MF)
AC Recharging Current 10/20amp (adjustable)
AC Input (Mains/Generator)
Input Power Factor 0.8
Input Voltage Range 90~280VAC (Appliance mode)
170~280VAC (UPS mode)
Input Max Voltage 300VAC
Input/Output Frequency 50Hz
Solar Charge Controller
Type Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Max Charging Current 50 Amp
System DC Voltage 12V
Max PV Input Voc 30V
Standby Power 1W
Environmental / Mechanical
Temperature Range Operating: 0 oC ~ 55oC
Storage: -15 oC~ 60oC
Operating Humidity 20~90%RH Non-Condensing
Dimension 330x250x95mm
Net Weight 5.0Kg
Certification CE
Giant Power

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