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Integrated Power Systems

Giant power Integrated Power Systems (IPS) combines the functionality of a solar charge controller, pure sine wave inverter, and a multi stage AC battery charger into one compact unit for managing solar and battery systems.  Ideal for portable power setups in caravans or motorhomes, and offgrid power setups in remote locations.  Designed for integration with additional power sources such as AC mains power or a generator.

Giant Power 800W 12V Integrated Power System
This item is no longer available  

For caravaners! 800 watts of continuous pure sine wave power, plus capability for battery charging from solar, generator and 240VAC - all in one unit.

Need a high output remote power system for your rig? This 2.4kW IPS is ideal for running a multitude of 12 volt devices - giving you all the convenience of home.


Giant Power 2400W 24V Integrated Power System
This item is no longer available  

24 Volt power system outputs 2.4kW for running a multitude of creature comforts. Ideal for Motor homes and stand alone remote power systems.