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5" LED Driving Light - Spot



Short description:

Highly effective and durable (dust proof and waterproof) driving light that can illuminate (in spotlight configuration) up to 350 metres. Low energy consumption with the ability to run off both 24VDC and 12VDC makes this ideal an ideal solution for mounting on a vehicle.


These LED lights draw a tiny 34 watts of power and provide over 3400 lumens of brilliant white light. Designed for instant start they throw a beam up to 350 metres (over 10 degrees) - which is more than most 300W halogen spotties! They are also completely waterproof (IP68 rated), shockproof, shatterproof, last for 50,000 hours and work off 12VDC or 24VDC. The driver circuit and the LED's can handle extreme temperatures. Overall, a great light where extreme ruggedness and blinding brightness are desired. Marine grade 316 stainless steel fasteners included.

- Equivalent light output to a 300W halogen
- IP68 waterproof
- Shockproof
- 50,000 hour life

• Input current: 2.4A (12Vdc), 1.2A (24Vdc)
• Lumen output: 3486
• Beam pattern: Spot
• Beam distance: 350m
• Operating temp: -40ºC ~ 60ºC
• Equivalent halogen lamp: 300W
• Dimensions: 120(Dia.) x 82(D)mm (excluding bracket)

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