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12" LED Light Bar - 5400 Lumen Single Row (Flood)



Short description:

Small LED Light Bar perfect for illuminating areas around where it is mounted (Floodlight configuration). Built for external mounted vehicular use, this bar light is extremely tough and durable and has been rated at IP68 (Waterproof and Dust proof). 


This single row LED light bar utilises 6 x 10 watt Cree® XM-L LEDs to throw out 5400 lumens of light concentrated in a flood beam. Encapsulated in a powder coated aircraft grade 6063 extruded aluminium case the 3971 also features an unbreakable Lexan polycarbonate lens cover that will deter even the biggest stones. To compensate for pressure built up under differing temperatures a Gore ® protective breather is included to maintain the waterproof IP68 rating.

Heat dissipation is maximised with the use of large heat sink fins. Two types of brackets are supplied along with 316 grade stainless hardware:
- Short: 2 x "End mount" brackets for discrete mounting of lights side by side
- Tall: 2 x "End mount" brackets allow vertical stacking of two lights

• 50,000 hour life
• High quality LED driver circuitry
• IP68 waterproof and dust proof
• Shockproof 


• Light output: 5400 Lumen
• Beam pattern: Flood
• Beam distance: Max 310m
• Input voltage: 9-36VDC
• Input current: 4.5A (12VDC), 2.3A(24VDC)
• LEDs: 6 x Cree® XM-L LEDs
• Dimensions: 310(W) x 50(H) x 82(D)mm (excludes bracket)
• Operating temperature: -40ºC to 60ºC

Spot version available - FAP3970

Note: The breather prevents liquids and contaminants from entering the light housing, but allows air to flow freely through the membrane in both directions. This continuous bi-directional air equalizes the pressure differential between the inside of the light and the outside environment.

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