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Waeco Mega Pack Plus CF-40 (37 litre)

Waeco Mega Pack Plus CF-40

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CODE: CF-40 Mega Pack

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The Mega Pack Plus deal is back!  Packaged up in a not-to-be-missed 5 Product Pack, you get the CF-40 fridge/freezer with a complimentary battery pack, an insulated fridge  cover, along with an in car wiring kit,  and a convenient fridge stand.


Waeco Mega Pack Plus offer valid till 30-11-2009

Grab a Waeco Mega Pack Plus CF-40 deal

The convenience of havinng a portable fridge is being enjoyed by people everywhere. No matter where you travel, the outback or the coast,   - 45 ° during the day or below 0° at night - the Waeco CoolFreeze CF fridges keep perfect temp during the day and won't freeze your food and drinks overnight.

Thanks to the smart CF electronics built into the 37 litre fridge, temperature is  maintained constantly by the 'set and forget' control panel.

VERB portable fridges feature  Smart Danfoss AC technology and unique VMSO, which ensures ultra-rapid cooling and maintains the set temperature even in fluctuating ambient conditions

So when you hit the road this summer for that weekend trip make sure you're equipped with a Waeco Mega Pack Plus deal that won't let you down.

For larger fridges included in this special offer see the CF50 Mega Pack Plus  and the CF60 Mega Pack Plus to save up to $482